Non-financial Information(ESG)

Basic Policy

The TechMatrix Group believes that every one of its Officers and employees should act with the awareness of being a good corporate citizen and should more proactively make efforts to contribute to society and customers through its corporate business activities, in addition to complying with laws and regulations as a matter of course. The Group’s corporate business activities are conducted in accordance with the Corporate Ethics Guidelines.

Identification of Materiality

We have firmly grasped social issues and the business environment and have organized our materiality based on our management strategy, current situation, and the perspectives of stakeholders.
We will make steady progress on our materiality by steadily implementing the strategies laid out in our Medium-Term Management Plan, along with striving to disclose data, with an emphasis on data related to human resources training and development and the environment.
* The Company refers to the GRI Guidelines, the International Integrated Reporting Framework and other rules and guidelines in identifying materiality.