Non-financial Information(ESG)

Starting from a macro trend analysis to extract social issues, we analyzed risks and opportunities for us and identified materiality that has a large impact on value creation. Identified materiality is also relevant to the Medium-Term Management Plan. We will reflect the materiality in our management strategies as issues that should be addressed to expand TechMatrix’s medium- to long-term corporate value.
In addition, we understand that materiality is not only about important issues related to corporate competitiveness but about environmental, social, and other issues to fulfill responsibilities for and contribute to internal and external stakeholders

Materiality Identification Process

We have firmly grasped social issues and the business environment and have organized our materiality based on our management strategy, current situation, and the perspectives of stakeholders.
We will make steady progress on our materiality by steadily implementing the strategies laid out in our Medium-Term Management Plan, along with striving to disclose data, with an emphasis on data related to human resources training and development and the environment.
* The Company refers to the GRI Guidelines, the International Integrated Reporting Framework and other rules and guidelines in identifying materiality.
Information Secutiry ・To renew ISMS certification,the Company will realize high level of security for the provision of various services by implementing continuous PDCA cycle activities.
・The company will strengthen business continuity plans for natural disasters by establishing a security environment that supports diverse work styles.
Diversity and equal opportunity ・The company will implement measures to promote women's succuess in the workplace,along with setting and working to meet various quantitative targets.
・The company will begin revising the personnel evaluation system as part of its efforts to realize fair and impartial evaluations.
Training and education ・The company will work to create and increase trainning opportunities to improve employees'skills.
・Considereing recent developments such an increasingly complex society and the fostering of diverse values,the Company will revise its training on awareness of social issues and compliance.
Awareness of current state and future targets concerning climate change(risks and oppotunuities) ・The company will grasp the current situaition by regularly compling quantitative data centered on greenhouse gas emissions.It will identify issues as well as condsider and implement improvement measures.
・As an IT services provider,the company will strenghen measures to address environmental issues using IT.

We report specific progress on our efforts toward materiality in the Integrated Report.