President's Message

We contribute to the creation of a better future by
solving social issues with our foresight and business know-how.

Takaharu Yai, President and CEO

In the post-Corona era, the trend toward new work styles and diversification of work styles will continue to take root as an irreversible change, and digitization will continue to progress, such as remote work, active use of cloud computing, online medical services, and online classes. IT is the very essence of social infrastructure, and as needs for IT continue to grow, so too will the importance of cybersecurity to support the safe and secure operation of IT infrastructures.
In addition, the use of data and AI, especially generative AI, is a management issue of the companies that will determine the competitiveness of companies in an environment of severe human resource shortages.
There are various definitions of digital transformation (DX), which is the transformation of business models using digital technology, but my definition of DX is "a full-on shift to in-house systems development" in Customers’ core business, which is the foundation of competitiveness.
In other words, each company should use or connect what is available in terms of digital technology, and develop their own business logic for competitive edge.
The three main pillars of the TechMatrix Group’s business are Information Infrastructure, Application Services and Medical Systems business.
In our Information Infrastructure business, we provide information infrastructure technologies that support digitization with a focus on cybersecurity measures and value-added services that support customer operations, such as integrated security monitoring services.
In the Application Services business, we provide busuiness know-how as "Best Practice," .
In the Medical Systems Business, we provide high-quality and highly convenient medical information services that support individual’s life.
We believe that our operational know-how in each of our businesses enables us to fully utilize data and AI to increase customer convenience and satisfaction.
TechMatrix breaks through the traditional labor-intensive business model of systems integrator and is redefining the role of supply-side firms in the IT services industries. TechMatrix Group recognize "rapid shift to digitalization and drastic changes in the industrial structure" as a new growth opportunity. We continue to accelerate and create businesses essential for society and contribute to the creation of sustainable society through the provision of services to solve social problems.
As the team of IT professionals, our goal is to anticipate how the world is changing, to transform ourselves and to pursue new technologies and new businesses to create a better future.

Dec. 2021