Medium-Term Management Plan


The TechMatrix Group recognize “rapid shift to digitalization and drastic changes in the industrial structure” as a new growth opportunity.

Accelerate businesses absolutely necessary for society and contribute to the creation of sustainable society through the provision of services to solve social problems.

We provide “information infrastructure” ,“technologies ” and “ services ” that support digitalization.

We provide the “Best Practice” through our SaaS (Software as a Service) with a sophisticated UX that is easy for anyone to use.

【The core business strategies】 

  • Promote strategy and acceleration of Cloud-related business(continued)
  • Pursuit of security and safety (continued)

【Key strategies】

  • Expanding portfolio of products and services
  • Accelerated servicization (increasing service ratio)
  • Utilization of data(Including use of AI)
  • Diverse alliances・M&A(Expansion of existing business , Creation of new business)
  • Expanding business in the overseas market
  • Creation of synergies by strengthening group collaboration
  • Human resource development/Organizational development(Including promotion of diversity)
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