Message From the President


Following the pandemic of Covid-19, rapid adoption of digital technologies has taken place, from telework and online medical diagnostics to online education (such as Japan’s GIGA School Program), reaffirming the importance of IT as part of the social infrastructure. With the advancement of IT has come the need for cybersecurity to support safe and secure digital interaction. Cybersecurity and IT go hand-in-hand. There is little doubt that IT will play a growing role in business and society as the world moves forward.
The digital transformation of business models (known as DX) will proceed rapidly within this context. The way I define DX is “a full-on shift to in-house systems development.” Such a shift will be required for a corporation to become able to respond rapidly to sudden changes in the business environment and grow, a shift to developing its systems in-house.  Why? Because outsourcing systems development using the traditional ‘waterfall’ approach—a progression of stages that starts by defining requirements—is too slow and cedes the advantage to more agile competitors.
The corporation as the end user of digital technologies has the choice of what to adopt and what to connect. It can use its own business logic to establish a competitive edge. It can design its own UI (user interface). That age has now arrived. The true meaning of digital transformation is to build an industrial structure that does not rely on  supply-side system integrators for application development.
The two main pillars of the TechMatrix Group’s business are information infrastructure and application services. In our Information Infrastructure business, we supply information infrastructure to support the adoption of digital technologies focused on cybersecurity measures, as well as a wide range of value-added services such as integrated security monitoring services. In the Application Services business, we provide cloud computing services (SaaS), with an easy-to-use UX (user experience) for “best practice” general-purpose services. 
TechMatrix gave up the traditional labor-intensive business model of systems integrator and is redefining the role of supply-side firms in the IT services industry. TechMatrix Group recognize “rapid shift to digitalization and drastic changes in the industrial structure” as a new growth opportunity. We accelerate businesses absolutely necessary for society and contribute to the creation of sustainable society through the provision of services to solve social problems.
As the IT professional group, our goal is to anticipate how the world is changing, to transform ourselves and to pursue new technologies and new businesses to create a brighterbetter future.