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Offering total security solutions built around newer, stronger security technologies

To combat increasingly advanced cyberattacks demands more than just focusing on specific points to protect. TechMatrix supplies cutting-edge security products, such as for next-generation endpoint protection and next-generation firewalls, SASE and ZTNA authentication, and EDR, XDR and SOAR solutions. We provide comprehensive support for security operations by combining the optimal solutions for customer needs with post-installation security monitoring, weakness assessments and other services.

Network / Storage

Security from the network to the application layer, with state-of-the-art technology for reliable infrastructure and total support from installation to operation.

By combining cutting-edge security technologies with high-performance application delivery products for traffic control plus microservices that support the cloud, as well as information infrastructure such as highly scalable storage, backup and BCP measures, we provide total support for building infrastructure with high levels of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We also provide post-installation maintenance plus operation and monitoring services to support stable operation of customers’ systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our main business is to provide a medical image management system that can safely store and use medical information such as CT and MRI images taken at medical institutions, and we are also working on the development of PHR services and AI diagnostic imaging services for patients (individuals). The thoughts of consumers, medical institutions, and local communities are connected by the desire to live a healthy and secure life. We will continue to aim to build a medical information infrastructure that will support a healthy society in the future.

Contact Center CRM

FastSeries—the type of customer service needed for a new age

FastSeries is a contact center CRM system/FAQ system developed by TechMatrix based on 25 years of experience in the field. We offer superior ease of use and practical, deep functionality by applying a “user first” approach, advanced technology, and a spirit of innovation.
The use of these systems by customer service departments—the corporate contact point for customers—improves the quality and productivity of customer services and boosts customer loyalty.

Software Quality Assurance

Leveraging the latest technologies and extensive support experience, we deliver safety and speed to the frontlines of software development

To rapidly develop software requiring superior safety, such as for automobiles or medical devices, or software involving data coordination, such as for digital transformation (DX) or microservices, there is a need for comprehensive, high-volume testing and debugging to be carried out within a short period of time. TechMatrix provides solutions for a wide range of needs, including developmental support tools that improve productivity and quality as well as bug detection during software development, automated testing, impact assessment, security weakness detection, project and test management, and CI/CD and DevOps tool environments in cloud infrastructure.

Business Solutions

One-stop business systems for customers developing new businesses

We facilitate customers’ digital transformation (DX) by building systems using cutting-edge Web technologies.
Our business systems utilize virtualization technologies and offer BI (Business Intelligence) solutions to enable visualization and analysis of information. We also support the introduction of mission-critical systems.
TechMatrix has been providing valuable support to customers over the years through high-quality systems based on standardized development methods integrated with systems operation methods employing sophisticated tools.


Market-based business management systems (front and middle systems) primarily for financial institutions

Financial institutions require systems that are constantly adaptable, allowing greater sophistication for risk management due to international financial regulations and adapting to changes in fair value assessment methods in a changing market environment. We therefore closely monitor financial market trends when developing financial systems and providing products and services. Quick and flexible response to volatile financial markets is possible through the use of in-house developed valuation models and global-standard financial instrument valuation models based on high-level financial engineering


Promoting deep learning among children through proactive, interactive methods, and the digital transformation of working styles for teaching staff

We support proactive, interactive learning for children utilizing their own devices.
Digital communication is made possible among children, teaching staff, parents and guardians.
Grades, attendance, health information and more can be managed with the school affairs support functions provided. School management efficiency is greatly enhanced through aggregation of children’s data, promoting DX and a work-style transformation for teaching staff. This school communication platform + school support system offers great potential for the future.