Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement

The IT professional group who create a better future

Standards of Business Conduct

  • In a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity, we work hard to make a contribution to our customers and society.
  • Keeping in mind the importance of humbly learning something new, we continue to challenge new technologies and new businesses.
  • All the members make a strong commitment to a team success and team growth through open discussion.


  • Speed

    Tackle challenges earlier and deliver results faster than other companies. Strive to be faster and earlier than all others.
  • Innovation

    Constantly pursue self-transformation and drive innovation in a search for better products and services.
  • Management

    Be capable of managing yourself, your assigned projects and your team.
  • Passion

    Be passionate about what you do. Foster a strong passion for achievement.
  • Learning

    Eagerness to absorb knowledge for the future is more important than the amount of knowledge you have today.
  • Endeavor

    Give everything your best effort, without holding back.
  • Commitment

    Be strongly determined to achieve the targets you have established.
  • Customer Satisfaction

    Rigorously focus on added value provided to customers.
    Our reason for existence lies in delivering customer satisfaction.
  • Confidence

    Spare no effort to win the trust of customers.
    Trust yourself and your colleagues.
  • Challenge

    Constantly embrace new challenges without becoming complacent with the status quo.