Environmental Management

Environmental Policy

As an IT solution provider, the Company accurately understands the needs of its corporate clients, and provides optimal solutions using world-class, cutting-edge IT and products developed in-house. In the course of these activities, the Company strives to provide solutions that effectively use the resources of corporate clients while also helping to prevent environmental pollution. Furthermore, internal environmental improvement measures will be systematically and continuously implemented. When implementing these measures, we will establish and continuously improve our environmental management system. We have established the basic policies listed below.

Basic Policy

1. Promote business dealings that consider customers’ environmental issues
We will utilize IT to proactively supply solutions that reduce our customers’ environmental impact.

2. Implement environmental improvement activities
We have set goals for measures to address energy and resource conservation, preferential purchasing of supplies including power-saving products, and waste sorting and recycling. Based on the environmental management system established by the Company, we will strive to maintain the quality of these activities and continuously improve them by implementing PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, and Action) cycles.

3. Ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations
We will comply with various laws and regulations related to environmental conservation.

4. Improve employee awareness
These environmental policies will be disclosed publicly and made thoroughly known to all employees. Efforts will be made to improve every employee’s environmental awareness by providing regular employee education and training.