August 1984 TechMatrix was founded as Nichimen Data Systems Co., Ltd., a strategic subsidiary of the Sales division of Nichimen Corporation (currently Sojitz Corporation). The original Head Office was in Chuo Ward in Tokyo.
March 1988 Osaka Branch office opened
July 1989 Head Office relocated to Taito Ward in Tokyo
October 1990 Full scale entry into the contracted systems development business; received an order from a major city bank to develop a system for foreign currency dealing.
December 1996 Entry into the business package business; developed and sold a customer relations managment package called “FastHelp.”
October 1998 Developed and sold a DICOM-compatible medical image server called “Secured DICOM Server” (currently “SDS Image Server”)
July 2000 Nichimen Corporation sold all shares of the Company to ITX Corporation, making it a consolidated subsidiary of ITX.
November 2000 Changed company name to TechMatrix Corporation
February 2001 Rakuten, Inc. invests capital in TechMatrix through a private allocation of shares to strengthen the relationship between the two companies.
April 2004 Kyushu Sales Office opened
February 2005 Listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
July 2005 Head Office relocated to Minato Ward in Tokyo
August 2007 Established Ichigo LLC
September 2007 Head Office Gotenyama Annex opened
January 2008 Made CROSS HEAD a consolidated subsidiary
September 2008 Sendai Sales Office opened
August 2009 Made CASAREAL, inc. a wholly owned subsidiary
June 2010 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
July 2010 Nagoya Sales Office opened
February 2013 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Octorber 2013 Sapporo Sales Office opened
March 2014 Acquired 100% ownership of CROSS HEAD and Okinawa CROSS HEAD Co.ltd
May 2015 Relocated and integrate Head Office
Novemver 2016 Relocation of West Japan Branch
January 2018 Established NOBORI Ltd.
April 2018 Established Representative Office in Bangkok
July 2018 Cancellation of shares (2,500,000) and Share Option Issue
November 2019 Information Design & Architecture Yamazaki Co. Made a consolidated subsidiary
Octorbe 2020 Kyusyu Sales Office opened
February 2022 Acquired shares of PSP Corporation. and it was made a consolidated subsidiary.
April 2022 PSP Corporation. and NOBORI Ltd. were merged with PSP Corporation as the surviving company.
December 2022 Relocated Headquarters to Konan, Minato Ward in Tokyo.