Personal Information Protection Policy

TechMatrix Corporation promotes its Information Infrastructure business and Application Service business by communicating with sales agents, sole agents, and end users directly and indirectly, to provide services and solutions in a variety of markets. The Company provides total services and value-added solutions including operation analysis, design, software development and integration, testing, operation and maintenance, to markets such as networks, security, healthcare, contact center CRM, Internet services, financial services and software quality assurance. The Company collects various personal information in the course of carrying out these operations, and recognizes that it has an important social responsibility to protect that information appropriately. The Company has therefore formulated the following Personal Information Protection Policy, and will follow it rigorously to safeguard personal information.

1.Handling of Personal Information

(1)Objective of obtaining personal information

The Company handles the personal information described in (2) below, to the extent necessary to achieve the following objectives. The Company does not use personal information for any purpose outside of these objectives.
  1. To provide information about products and services offered by the Company

  2. To supply information relating to seminars about products and services offered by the Company

  3. To request participation in surveys relating to products and services offered by the Company

  4. To supply information about various services offered by Group companies or alliance partners, or to offer these services

  5. Recruiting
(2)Use of personal information

The Company may collect the following personal information.
Name, employment details (including company name/department name/position), address, telephone number, email address

(3)Supplying personal information to third parties

The Company does not supply the personal information listed in (2) to external entities (third parties) except in the following cases:
  1. Where the person concerned has given prior consent

  2. Where an operation within the scope required to achieve the objective of use of the information is outsourced externally

  3. Where the Company is obliged by law to supply the information

  4. Where supplying the information is necessary to protect a person’s life or property

  5. Where the Company is required to supply the information in cooperation with the police, the courts or other public institution
(4)Procedure for disclosure, etc., of personal information

The Company will respond to a request for disclosure, amendment (correction, addition, deletion), cessation of use (cessation of use, deletion) of personal information after confirming that the request is being made by the owner of that personal information . The Company will not do so, however, if this action will cause significant obstruction to the Company’s operations, or endanger an individual’s life, wellbeing, property or other rights. Where the Company is unable to respond to a request, it will explain the reason to the person making the request.

2.Measures for Safety Management of Personal Information

The Company will ensure that personal information is kept correct and safe by taking safety management measures prescribed by laws and other regulations with respect to its organization, technology and personnel. In this way, the Group will strive to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, or other security breaches relating to personal information including loss, destruction, tampering, or leaks. Moreover, when operations are outsourced externally, the Company will select a contractor that handles personal information appropriately, determine the required points that the contractor must carry out to manage the information appropriately, and ensure that the contractor manages the information rigorously. If a personal information incident does occur, the Company will respond swiftly and appropriately with corrective and preventative action.

3.Compliance with Laws and Regulations Concerning Personal Information

The Company complies with all relevant laws in its handling of personal information, as well as guidelines and other regulations set out by the Japanese government.

4. System for Protecting Personal Information and Continuous Improvement of the System

The Company has set out internal rules for personal information and established a system for managing it. Moreover, the Company continually reviews these system and rules and strives to improve them, with the goal of improving the level of personal information protection. If you have an opinion or complaint about the Company’s handling of personal information, or if you would like to consult with someone, please contact the Personal Information Inquiries Counter below. The Company will swiftly disclose and announce any changes that might be made to this Personal Information Protection Policy through its Website and other media.